• We are an asset management company with both Global and African funds

  • The fund invests in a broad selection of Africa’s leading companies, excluding South Africa

  • The Global Fund is an equity focused hedge fund with an unconstrained global mandate

  • About us
  • African Frontier Fund
  • Global Opportunities Fund

Welcome To Optis Investment Management.

Optis Investment Management is a UK regulated asset management company with two funds.


Investment Philosophy

The funds seek to invest in good businesses with enticing growth prospects while paying less than fair value. There is a strong focus on long term capital preservation.

Meet With Us

Gavin Butcher Telephone: +44 1932 59 0040
Email: gavin@optisim.co.uk

Our Global & African Funds

African Frontier Fund

The Optis African Frontier fund is a long only equity fund, launched in 2009. The objective of the Fund is to achieve excellent absolute returns on its investment capital as well as to preserve this capital in times of declining markets. The Fund’s geographical focus is Pan Africa excluding South Africa.


Global Opportunities Fund

The Global Opportunities Fund is an equity focused hedge fund with a mandate to invest in good companies with enticing growth prospects, while paying less than fair value. This may result in a fairly concentrated portfolio in order maximise the returns from such opportunities.